Citrix IMA failed to start with error code 2147483649


Here’s a great article for assisting with troubleshooting the Citrix IMA service not starting on a XenApp  5.0 server on Windows 2003 x86 platform.  This is an older article but it still applies and may help resolve the issue.

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Once you have followed the instructions on this white paper and you still

are unable to resolve the issue of the IMA service not starting note that the error code may have changed which will lead to a different resolution.  The following link will help you further troubleshoot this issue:

Hopefully this will help you resolve this issue.  If not then give this a try.  Edit the following registry key to zero:

Make sure that the DWORD entry “PSRequired” is = 0

You should be able to start the Citrix IMA service now without rebooting the server.

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